What, Exactly, Is Business Development: A Primer on How Deals Get Done

Business Development is not just a sexy job title - it's a growth tool for companies. The only problem is, everyone expects you to learn "how to do BD" on the job. You can spend years figuring out what makes for successful partnerships, or you can learn a proven framework for thinking about and pursuing business development opportunities from a renowned expert. "What, Exactly, Is Business Development" provides exactly that.

Over a 15+ year career, spanning companies ranging from American Express to WeWork, Scott Pollack has made all the mistakes, learned all the lessons, and has figured out the right way to do Business Development. He's taught hundreds of students in live workshops across the world, and now he's bringing those lessons to you in this book.

Praise for What, Exactly, Is Business Development

Praise for What, Exactly, Is Business Development

"Whether you've been working in business development for years or are just starting out, this book is a blueprint that will ensure you maximize growth",

FRANCIS LOBO, Chief Revenue Officer, WeWork

"Scott's work is an essential read for those in, looking to break into, or have a better understanding of Business Development."

KENNY HERMAN, Vice President, Business Development, Shutterstock

"It's great to see Scott sharing what he's learned in this excellent primer on modern Business Development"

CHRIS FRALIC, Partner, First Round Capital

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