I help Startups and Fortune 500 companies with business development, partnerships, and corporate innovation. 

Having been on both sides of the negotiating table as a business development executive at Startups and Big Companies, I am keenly aware of the challenges that organizations of all sizes face when seeking long-term value. 


Early Stage

Pre-Seed to Series

Find product-market fit and build the core business.

  • Core product and market strategy
  • Sales processes and pipeline
  • Interim sales leadership
  • Pitch development



Growth Stage

Series B and Later

Scale and grow the core business.

  • Strategic partnerships (distribution/brand/product)

  • Partner programs & API ecosystems

  • Partner identification and value hypotheses

  • Deal constructs and negotiation strategies

  • Partnership launch, management, and governance

Late Stage

Pre-IPO and Later

Expand into new business lines.

  • Opportunity identification and validation

  • Resource prioritization

  • Strategies for developing stakeholder buy-in

  • Go-to market planning